About Our Reusable Face Masks

At Bauman Collective, we care about your safety and comfort, which is why we have created this 100% mulberry silk reusable face mask. We designed these masks with a removable filter for your comfort.


We recommend that you wash the mask before the first use, and after each subsequent use, and always lay flat to dry. We also recommend that you adhere to the recommendations of your local public health and/or health care professionals in using a face mask, for example, in washing and sanitizing your hands before and after each us, in refraining from touching your face while the mask is on, and in ensuring that the mask is snug on your face, covering both your nose and mouth with no gaps. Please note that this provision is not to be construed as medical and/or public health information and/or advice, and it is your responsibility to ensure you are compliant with the laws of your region and the direction of public health and/or other health care professionals.


For hygienic reasons, all face mask packs are FINAL SALE (no returns or exchanges).


Face Mask Details:

· Non-medical grade;

· Reusable and machine washable;

· Wash before and after use;

· Elastic adjustable straps; and

· One size fits most.


Please be advised that our masks are not a replacement for medical grade personal protective equipment, nor are they a replacement for any equipment approved by Health Canada or otherwise, and you use this mask entirely at your own risk. The Bauman Collective, including all of its agents, successors, heirs, and assigns, makes no warranty or representation, whether express or implied, as to this mask’s condition, merchantability, fitness for a specific purpose, quality, performance, description, or protective capability, and the Bauman Collection specifically disclaims that this mask will protect against the transmission or any virus or disease, including COVID-19. By accepting this mask, you acknowledge and agree that you are using and wearing this mask at your own risk, and you hereby agree to release and forever discharge the Bauman Collective, and its agents, successors, heirs, and assigns, as well as any manufacturer involved in the creation of this mask, from any and all causes of action, demands, and actions whatsoever and howsoever relating to the condition, merchantability, fitness for a specific purpose, quality, performance, description, or protective capability of this mask. If you have any questions about your health and/or the use of personal protective equipment, please see a health care professional and/or public health officials as applicable.

Silk Face Mask

  • Machine wash on delicate with cold or cool water and lay flat to dry. Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals. All masks are final sale.