Molded after the famous Mason Pearson hair brush - at a fraction of the price. Our signature brush is a must for everyday grooming. Crafted with 6 rings of carefully placed boar bristle and nylon tufts stimulates the scalp. Sebum oil is spread evenly over strands to prevent split ends.  Good for most hair types including fragile and colour treated.  For very high density hair this brush will smooth the top layer of hair (MRB Paddle brush is recommend for scalp penetration).

  • A blend of the highest quality boar bristle and nylon tufts effortlessly styles and smooths.
  • Includes mini hair brush rake.
  • Brush measures 21.5 x 6.5 cm

How to use

  • When detangling, always begin at the ends of strands and gently work up to the roots in short strokes.
  • Once smooth, brush hair from root to tip to distribute oils for mega shine and a longer-lasting blowout.

-Morgan Roy Beauty

Grooming Boar Bristle Brush