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This package is great for ALL skin types and is designed to increase blood flow and microcirculation to maximize your natural glow, and can be used in addition to any skin care regime.

It includes:

one Aveda Tulasara Radiant Oliation Oil 

one Face Roller 

one Aveda Tulasara radiant facial dry brush (bonus- by having a dry brush on hand to exfoliate, you never run out and have to re-stock!)

ADD ON the Aveda Tulasara Overnight Wedding Masque to this package for the ULTIMATE glow. The Tulasara Wedding Masque is a luxury face masque that’s both hydrating and anti-aging.


Directions: Cleanse face with regular fash wash and pat dry. Next, use the Tulasara Aveda Dry Facial Brush to dry brush your face. Dry brushing is a gentle form of exfoliation, excellent for all skin types and it assists with sweeping away dead skin cells and circulation. Next, apply 2-3 pumps of oliation oil all over your face. Using your face roller, massage your face using upward motion. Leave on for 4-5 min, then cleanse & moisturize. If you are using the Over-night masque, apply this next instead of moisturizing. Rinse off in the morning and then apply your regular moisturizer.