Thatch and fringe provides full service Tape in Extensions for those who want to add more volume or length. 


A Partial set of extensions are designed to add volume to thinning hair, but not length. This is a great option for those who have fine hair on specific parts of their scalp. A partial set is also a great option of adding pops of colour to your hair.


Have you ever wanted to experiment with bold colour but were concerned with the damage an maintenance of beaching your hair? We can add these colours to your hair in extensions and you never have to worry about the colour washing out.

Partial extensions start at $150 


A Full set of extensions are designed to add volume and length.

This is a great option for clients looking to attain longer hair. We can customize and colour match your natural or colour treated hair.


A full head of extensions is also a great option if you wanted to experiment with having a balyage or ombre but don't want the permanent results.

Full extensions start at $500 


Want to take a break for a while? We will remove your extensions and send you home with one of our signature blowouts.


Leave your extensions with us and we will remove the old tape, clean and treat your extensions and re-tape them so they are fresh and ready for installation at a later date.

Removal starts at $60 for a partial, $100 for a full


Do you already have your hair from a previous appointment and just want to have it re-installed? We can do that.

Partial starts at $60

Full starts at $100

  • Installing tape extensions is usually pretty quick. We will wash and blowdry your hair for you, install the hair and then cut it to blend with your natural hair. 

  • Expect for them to be a bit stiff for the first 48 hours while they adjust and form to your head. You should be gentle when brushing & Washing your hair. Your stylist will go over home care during your appointment.

  • Extensions last anywhere from 8-12 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows and how well you take care of them. We suggest using a professional sulfate free shampoo & conditioner to ensure the tape doesn't loosen.

  • We also suggest you blowdry your hair after washing it so that water doesn't pool in the bonds. We suggest sleeping with a loose braid in your hair to prevent tangeling. Never go to sleep with wet hair.

  • If extensions are installed correctly, you should be able to style your hair as usual without them being visible, But it will take a minute to get used to where they are positioned on your head when it comes to styling.

  • Depending on the colour service, we can colour or highlite your hair with the extensions in. 

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